THUNETH was created 1989 in the city Eskilstuna, Sweden. From the beginning the commission in the company consists of songwriting and studioworks. It also exists some letting and instrument sales. In the middle of the 90´s it became more concerts and event productions within the company. 1998 the office moved to the city Norrkoping.

Since 2000 Thuneth endure mainly of 3 legs: Musicproduction, Event and Education. Other areas of the operation is Management and Consulting. In 2005 the company moved back to Eskilstuna. The years 2006-2009 have consist a lot of songwriting which have lead to that during 2008 the own musicpublisher company THUNETH Publishing was created.


Songwriting for artists, bands and companies (advertise a new product). Produce songs written by others for recordlabels, artists and bands.

Create and carry out events for companies, sports, associations, municipality etc.

Create concept educations for music, event and sports associations.

Artist/band manager. The link between the customer and assigner.


Everything we do / all assignments we take on will be distinguished by a strong personal devotion/engagement.