Already in 1980 when U2 was in sweden on their first tour, the tributeband MAGNIFICENT felt that "this gonna be something big"!

The singer George was only 16 years old and had a opportunity to watch the U2 concert on the legendary club Underground in Stockholm. "We were only 532 persons in the audience and I remember that the Edge asked me if there was many people watching the tv show "mandagsborsen" (a famous swedish tvshow that time..).

The club owner comes from the same little town Eskilstuna as the band, which gave the stageworking possibility for George.

Yeah...I remember that Johan (the drummer) who had an own record store and I thought that U2 was something whole new amazing thing! In the newspapers the reporters called their music "experimentel rock", haha...The MAGNIFICENT has listen to U2 since the beginning and the first record 1980 "In the name of love we will tell the story of U2 with our concerts"

The Band is:
Johan Mörén // Drums
Per Wasberg // Bass
Kjell Carlsson // Guitar, chorus
George Németh // Vocals, guitar

contact/info: Thuneth Production
+46 16 14 44 98
+46 73 505 16 72